Has all this time spent at home got you daydreaming about a new space? That dream might not be so farfetched. Even if you had no intention of making a move, it could prove to be quite lucrative for you today.
To show you how purchasing a home right now can pay off down the line, I’m outlining a couple mortgage scenarios that demonstrate the big impacts that occur from small changes in interest rates. The mortgage payment is what sticks with you — not the price of the home, which is why many are opting to buy while rates are at record lows.

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What 3 things must a home absolutely have in order for you to even consider living in it?

What 2 things must a home absolutely not have in order for you to even consider buying it?

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Gail was very helpful with suggestion during the purchase of our new construction home. She provided us with advise with add-ins that would increase the value of our home and those that could wait once we were in our home. She found more stuff during our final walk through than we did which was great because we really didn't know what was normal and what would need repair. Thanks Gail for your help through the process of purchasing our first home!

Erica J.
Orlando, FL
Gail Higley is a PRO in the real estate industry. She has great communication skills, continues to grow herself as an agent to better serve her clients and works for the BEST outcome for her clients. Gail is fun and super knowledgeable in her industry. If you are looking for an agent to take the BEST care of you through your transaction I HIGHLY recommend Gail Higley!.

Amy C.
Fishers, IN
Gail was amazing. She had several places for us to look at and if we didn't like them she had more to show us. She was great fun too, had a blast looking at different places and she gave her thoughts as to what would need to be done before moving in. And if we didn't like it we didn't spend a lot of time on it just moved onto the next one. She made the whole process fun and kept us up to date on what was expected of us and what we could ask for in return. I will definitely be going back to her when and if we get ready to sell and buy again!

Virgil S
Clermont, FL