Gail Higley

My mission is to provide the most complete and convenient local Relocation Services in my market.

As a buyer’s representative, I will be responsive to the transferee’s sometimes

stressful situation:

  Pressure and urgency.  Transferees are under intense pressure to complete a major

task before a deadline, usually within 30 to 45 days.

  Resistance and unwillingness.  Family members of the transferee often do not

want to move. 

   Unfamiliarity of the new community.  Chances are the family knows little about

where they are going: the cost of living, quality of schools, cultural makeup, etc.

   Stress and emotional conflict.  The family is giving up important things – friends,

 culture, school. They are not sure these things can be replaced in the new location.

   Unfamiliarity of the process.  Most transferees know little or nothing about the

processes of selling and buying property.

  Pre-qualifying before the first meeting by addressing what the family hopes to

find as well as what locations and properties will be most suit their needs

 I will provide every transferee with a PACKAGE that contains vital information

about the destination area and the buying process.

The information to help ensure a smooth transfer to a new area include:

  •  Maps
  •  Home Magazines and Brochures. 
  •  Financing Worksheet
  • Comparative Market Analysis (CMA)

I will preview properties and email inside and outside shots of the prospective

property to the transferee, tour the areas and homes, negotiate the offer, help

expedite the closing by assisting in the following pre-closing details:

·        the removal of contingencies

·        fulfillment of contract provisions

·        completion of inspections

I will protect the interest of the transferee every step of the way.  I will

represent the transferee through closing.  I will stay in close

contact even after the purchase has been concluded.

My traditional fiduciary duties in brief, are:

·        loyalty; I always put my client first

·        obedience; I follow all lawful guidelines

·        reasonable care and diligence; protect clients from foreseeable risks

·        confidentiality; keep my client’s secrets

·        full disclosure; provide all available, vital, information

·        accounting; be financially accountable

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